dude, just, no....


HI, youse, I'm daniel spencer, who goes by spence, spencer, daniel, ed, ozzer, and anything else you can come up with. ψψ

I'm 16, BUT, just in case it takes me another FOUR YEARS before I update this page again, simply use this formula to find out how old I am. My age=This year-1986

Sorry, but there's no *special* formula to find out where I live (*cough* "AUCKLAND" *cough*), but I'm sure you can guess.

Like the layout? How's about some movies? Check out me and Lindsay's website!! ψ
this is an old photo this is an old photo this is an old photo
new photo!! whoa, someone just woke up
the family at christmas '02, yeah arrrh, we be the pirates, Daniel and Lindsay, click on us 
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